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Name Project Title Year City Amount
Diana Trujillo, PhD Commercialization of Placental Alkaline Phosphatase (PLAP) for Regeneration of Skin Tissue for Many Fields of Use 2022-2023 White Bear Lake $97,500.00
Wesley Wierson, PhD Enhancing Infrastructure for Development and Analysis of Regenerative Cell Therapies 2022-2023 Rochester $100,000.00
Richard Murphy Development of a peripheral nerve wrap using regenerative engineering tissue tube 2022-2023 St. Paul $100,000.00
Ross Dunbar Liquid Nitrogen-Free Cryogenic Storage System 2022-2023 Bloomington $100,000.00
Maria Athanasiou, PhD Regenerative Medicine for the Durable Remission of HIV, Analytical Testing Infrastructure 2022-2023 St. Paul $100,000.00
Ferenc Toth, DVM, PhD Preclinical Evaluation of Multi-tissue Organoid-Derived Chondrocytes for the Treatment of Focal Cartilage Defects 2022-2024 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Atsushi Asakura, PhD Skeletal muscle angiogenesis and dystrophin 2022-2024 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Troy Lund, MD, PhD Peroxisome Transfer Enables Bone Marrow Regeneration 2022-2024 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Elizabeth Bradley, PhD Epigenetic Reprogramming to Enhance Bone Regeneration in Type 2 Diabetes 2022-2024 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Ricardo Battaglino, PhD Netrin-1 to Promote Locomotor Recovery in Chronic SCI 2022-2024 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Chunfeng Zhao, MD Purified Exosome Product for Rotator Cuff Repair and Regeneration 2022-2024 Rochester $250,000.00
Jennifer Westendorf, PhD Development Of Novel Proteolytic Targeting Chimeras That Promote Cartilage Regeneration 2022-2024 Rochester $250,000.00
Jop van Berlo, MD, PhD Unraveling Cardiac Maturation to improve Congenital Heart Disease Therapies 2022-2024 Minneapolis $249,999.00
Robert Tranquillo, PhD Rapidly Endothelialized Vascular Bypass Grafts From Autologous Adipose Microvessels 2022-2024 Minneapolis $249,812.00
Juan Carlos Rivera-Mulia, PhD A multi-omics approach for the identification of species-specific developmental states and speed during interspecies chimerism 2022-2024 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Rory Smoot, MD Augmenting Liver Regeneration at the Single Cell Level 2022-2024 Rochester $250,000.00
Joseph Metzger, PhD Advancing a genetically edited biosensor platform in human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiac muscle for personalized medicine and drug discovery 2022-2024 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Qiuying Liu, PhD Mechanistic studies on a congenital hydrocephalus causing mutation in Trim71 2022-2024 Rochester $250,000.00
James Dutton, PhD Pre-clinical evaluation of drug treatments to prevent vision loss from Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration using patient-derived iPSC-RPE 2022-2024 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Aaron Krych, MD MSC facilitated cartilage recycling for hip defects 2022-2024 Rochester $470,224.00
Robert Kaiser, PhD, DABT Isolation of primary human hepatocytes for expansion in a bioincubator 2021-2022 $100,000.00
Andrew Lewis, PhD Allogeneic platform for regenerative cell therapy by non-viral gene knockdown 2021-2022 Minneapolis $88,443.00
Timothy O'Brien, DVM, PhD Pre-Clinical Development of an Organoid-Derived Exosome Product for Treatment of Osteoarthritis 2021-2022 St. Paul $100,000.00
Vanesa Alonso-Camino, PhD Performance of a viral clearance study for the development and characterization of a pathogen reduced human platelet lysate to safely and efficiently expand therapeutic stem cells 2021-2022 Rochester $100,000.00
Patrick Walsh, MS Scaling Anatomic Facilities for Sustained Success 2021-2022 Minneapolis $100,000.00
Artur Serebrenik, PhD Development of BIO 300 as a regenerative therapy for triple negative breast cancer 2021-2022 $99,496.00
Ross Dunbar The Isthmus Foundation commercialization of Rapidly Endothelialized Vascular Bypass Grafts and Liquid-Nitrogen Free Cryopreservation Storage System 2021-2022 Bloomington $100,000.00
Maria Athanasiou, PhD Regenerative Medicine for the Durable Remission of HIV, Plasmid Infrastructure 2021-2022 Oakdale $100,000.00
Elizabeth Siegler, PhD Bioengineering of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells for Regenerative Medicine 2021-2023 Rochester $250,000.00
Enis Kostallari, PhD Epigenetic inhibition of inflammation in alcoholic hepatitis 2021-2023 Rochester $250,000.00
Matthew Abdel, MD First-in-class pharmacotherapies for arthrofibrosis 2021-2023 Rochester $250,000.00
Isobel Scarisbrick, PhD Pharmacoregeneration for Chronic Spinal Cord Injury 2021-2023 Rochester $250,000.00
Brenda Ogle, PhD A humanized model of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) to study disease onset and progression in response to volumetric pressure loads 2021-2023 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Walter Low, PhD Unlocking Chimeric Competency for Regenerative Medicine 2021-2023 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Harald Junge, PhD Restoring vascular and neural functions in mouse models of retinal disease 2021-2023 Minneapolis $249,532.00
Daniel Garry, MD, PhD Bioengineering strategies for blood diseases and regeneration 2021-2023 Minneapolis $249,999.00
Alfonso Eirin, MD Role of mitochondria-related micro-RNAs in obesity-induced human MSC dysfunction 2021-2023 Rochester $250,000.00
Jason Doles, PhD Targeting impaired myogenesis and muscle regeneration defects in GNE myopathy 2021-2023 Rochester $250,000.00
Sanjay Mirsa, MD Role and Mechanism of function of adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells in hemodialysis arteriovenous fistulas 2021-2023 Rochester $500,000.00
Atta Behfar, MD, PhD Safety Evaluation of Intracoronary Infusion of Extracellular Vesicles in Patients with AMI (EV-AMI) 2021-2023 Rochester $494,728.00
Timothy O'Brien, DVM, PhD Pre‐clinical Development of Organoid‐derived Chondrocyte Product for Articular Cartilage Repair 2020-2021 St Paul $100,000.00
Wesley Wierson, PhD Translational and Regenerative Immunotherapy for Spontaneous Disease in Dogs 2020-2021 Minneapolis $100,000.00
Dave Roeser Molecular Farming of BMPs and Fibronectin for Commercialization 2020-2021 Minneapolis $96,700.00
Timothy O'Brien, DVM, PhD Pre‐clinical Development of Organoid‐derived Chondrocyte Product for Articular Cartilage Repair 2020-2021 Minneapolis $100,000.00
Amir Naqwi, PhD Airway Cell Delivery with Visualization 2020-2021 Minneapolis $100,000.00
Maria Athanasiou, PhD Regenerative Medicine for the Durable Remission of HIV 2020-2021 Minneapolis $100,000.00
Zeeshan Syedain, PhD Transcatheter regenerative tissue pulmonary valve 2020-2022 $250,000.00
Steven Moran, MD Regenerative strategy for volumetric muscle loss and functional recovery 2020-2022 Rochester $250,000.00
Brian Fife, PhD Generating and protecting human iPS designer islets for the treatment of type 1 diabetes 2020-2022 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Terry Burns, MD, PhD Human glial progenitor cells for radiation‐induced brain injury 2020-2022 Rochester $250,000.00
Rory Smoot, MD Activating the Hippo pathway effector YAP to augment liver regeneration 2020-2022 Rochester $250,000.00
Ilana Chefetz Menaker, PhD Ovarian mesenchymal stem cells 2020-2022 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Martin Rodriguez‐Porcel, MD Understanding the interaction of stem cells and scaffolds with host tissue: implications of regenerative medicine 2020-2022 Rochester $250,000.00
Dan Dragomir-Daescu, PhD Novel flow diverter for hemorrhage control using innovative magnetic nanotechnology 2020-2022 Rochester $249,112.00
David Deyle, MD Treating osteogenesis imperfecta by inhibiting the PRC2 complex 2020-2022 Rochester $250,000.00
Sunny Chan, PhD Strategies for producing muscle stem cells 2020-2022 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Patricia Devaux, PhD Concurrent gene editing and reprogramming of sickle cell disease fibroblasts using dual measles virus vectors 2020-2022 Rochester $249,998.00
Emilyn Alejandro, PhD Placental mTOR Regulation of Pancreatic Endocrine Cells 2020-2022 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Atsushi Asakura, PhD Angiogenic therapy for muscular dystrophy 2020-2022 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Karlene French, MS Bryn Mawr Elementary School, Minneapolis 2019-2020 Minneapolis $15,000.00
Karlene French, MS Career Pathways Charter School, St. Paul 2019-2020 St Paul $5,000.00
Karlene French, MS Forest Lake Elementary School, Forest Lake 2019-2020 Forest Lake $5,000.00
Karlene French, MS Hamline Elementary School, Saint Paul 2019-2020 St Paul $20,000.00
Karlene French, MS Harvest Preparatory Charter School, Minneapolis 2019-2020 Minneapolis $15,000.00
Karlene French, MS Ogema Elementary School, Waubun 2019-2020 Ogema $15,000.00
Jill Paule, BA Science from Scientists: In‐School Module‐Based STEM Enrichment Programs 2019-2020 $75,000.00
Bruce Horazdovsky, PhD Women in Science and Engineering Research (WiSER) to promote young scientists through community engaged STEM activities in Minnesota 2019-2020 Rochester $20,000.00
Elizabeth Steinborn-Gourley, MA Explore STEM Program: Reducing Barriers and Increasing Awareness and Interest in STEM Careers 2019-2020 Mankato $20,000.00
Mark Wehde, MS, MBA The Mayo Clinic Career Awareness in Regenerative Medicine, Science, and Engineering Program 2019-2020 Rochester $19,875.00
Saranya Wyles, MD, PhD Building and retaining next‐generation physician workforce in regenerative medicine and surgery in Minnesota: Mission to 2025 2019-2020 Rochester $75,000.00
Rosalie Sterner, MD/PhD Candidate Graduate and postdoctoral training in regenerative T cell immunotherapy and CART cell therapy 2019-2020 Rochester $75,000.00
Patrick Walsh, MS Extending the Anatomi Corp differentiation ecosystem for the production of hiPSC derived neuronal subtypes 2019-2020 Minneapolis $100,000.00
Neil Otto, PhD Amaxa LV Unit for engineered therapeutic cells for regenerative medicine 2019-2020 Minneapolis $100,000.00
Timothy O'Brien, DVM, PhD Development of organoid-derived chondrocyte products for articular cartilage repair 2019-2020 Cokato $100,000.00
Richard Murphy, General Manager Development of regenerative engineered tissue embedded cardiovascular device 2019-2020 Stillwater $100,000.00
Ohad Gafni, PhD Human hematopoiesis in genetically modified swine 2019-2020 St Paul $100,000.00
Dominique Davidow, PhD Automation of cell culture with a Terumo Quantum Cell Expansion System to create recellularized bioengineered whole organs 2019-2020 Eden Prairie $98,000.00
Frank H. Burton, PhD Therapeutic & IP optimization of provisionally-patented anti-inflammatory wound healing-accelerant 2019-2020 Minneapolis $53,350.00
Vanesa Alonso-Camino, PhD Development of technolgy for the large-scale production of a novel dendritic cell vaccine for the treatment of glioblastoma 2019-2020 Rochester $100,000.00
Arthur E. Warrington, PhD Improving Remyelination for Spinal Cord Injury 2019-2021 Rochester $248,686.00
Erik Finger, MD, PhD Foundational Methods for High-throughput Pancreatic Islet Cryopreservation 2019-2021 Minneapolis $249,994.00
Deborah Ferrington, PhD Personalized Drug Screening for Patients with Age-related Macular Degeneration using iPSC-RPE 2019-2021 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Veena Taneja, PhD Regenerating Lung Homeostasis to Treat Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease in Humanized Mice 2019-2021 Rochester $250,000.00
Bhairab Singh, PhD Translational Strategies for Cardiovascular Repair and Regeneration 2019-2021 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Jacob Montgomery, PhD Investigation of Serotonergic Signaling Mechanisms that Promote Regeneration Following Spinal Cord Injury 2019-2021 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Mi-Hyeon Jang, PhD Targeting Adenosine A2A Receptor as a Novel Regenerative Therapy in Improving Chemobrain 2019-2021 Rochester $249,998.00
Wenqian Hu, PhD Killing Cancer Cells by Activating the Cellular Intrinsic Nuclear Loss Program 2019-2021 Rochester $250,000.00
Leigh Griffiths, DVM, PhD Saphenous Vein Extracellular Matrix Scaffolds for Use in Coronary Artery Bypass 2019-2021 Rochester $249,998.00
Jonathan Finnoff, DO Protein Removal and Purification of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP2) 2019-2021 Minneapolis $250,000.00
LaTonya Hickson, MD Patient-derived Mesenchymal Stromal Cell Therapy in Diabetic Kidney Disease: A Phase I Study 2019-2021 Rochester $500,000.00
Timothy D. O'Brien, DVM, PhD Development of a Cellular Therapy for Parkinson's Disease 2018-2019 Cokato $100,000.00
Joseph S. Uzarski, PhD Development of a Perfusion-Based Testing System to Evaluate Short-Term Function in Bioengineered Kidney Grafts 2018-2019 Eden Prairie $99,550.00
Anna Wirta Kosobuski Innovators of the Future: Community Based Science Program, Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa 2018-2019 Grand Portage $15,000.00
Mauris DeSilva, PhD Neuroscience Lesson Development - 3D Printing and Advanced Robotic Solutions LLC d/b/a 3D PARS 2018-2019 $15,000.00
Karlene A. French Science from Scientists In-School Module-Based STEM Enrichment Program - Northeast College Prep Charter School 2018-2019 Minneapolis $15,000.00
Karlene A. French Science from Scientists 2018-2019 $54,615.00
Karlene A. French Science from Scientists In-School Module-Based STEM Enrichment Program - Ogema Elementary School 2018-2019 Ogema $15,000.00
Karlene A. French Science from Scientists In-School Module-Based STEM Enrichment Program - Career Pathways Charter School 2018-2019 St. Paul $9,615.00
Zachary Resch, PhD Increased Application of Novel Regenerative Therapeutics Achieved Through Integrated CGMP Process Development Optimization 2018-2019 Rochester $100,000.00
James R. Dutton, PhD Building a Stem Cell Innovation and Business Incubator Facility at the UMN Stem Cell Institute 2018-2019 Minneapolis $63,104.00
Alicia Wallis, PhD Miltenyi CliniMACS Equipment Grant 2018-2019 Minneajpolis $94,987.00
Satsuki Yamada, MD, PhD Multi-Modal Imaging Platform for Monitoring Regenerative Therapy 2018-2019 Rochester $100,000.00
James R. Thompson, PhD Molecular Farming of BMPs and Fibronectin 2018-2019 Oakdale $98,210.00
Troy C. Lund, MD, PhD Accelerating hematopoietic cell regeneration 2018-2020 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Joseph Lillegard, MD, Phd Gene therapy of hereditary Tyrosinemia Type I using in vivo lentiviral vectors 2018-2020 Minneapolis $249,998.00
Daniel Garry, MD, PhD Bioengineering strategies for cardiovascular disease and regeneration 2018-2020 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Terrence C. Burns, MD, PhD Safety and mechanisms of senolytic therapy for central nervous system rejuvenation 2018-2020 Rochester $249,118.00
Raghavendra Rao, MD Neuroprotection Using Human Extremely Low Gestational Age Neonate-Derived Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells in Neonatal Hemorrhagic Brain Injury 2018-2020 Minneapolis $247,593.00
Robert Tranquillo, PhD Regenerative vein valve 2018-2020 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Marija Cvetanovic, PhD Determining therapeutic potential of BDNF in delaying the onset and progression of Spinocerebellar ataxia type 1 (SCA1) 2018-2020 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Alexander Revzin, PhD Engineering microcapsules for stem cell cultivation and transplantation 2018-2020 Rochester $249,998.00
Ping Chen, PhD Regeneration of hypothalamic neuro-architecture using liver enzyme gene transfer as an approach to treat post-dieting body weight rebound 2018-2019 Rochester $125,000.00
Mohamad Bydon, MD CELLTOP: A Phase I Clinical Trial of Autologous Adipose Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells in the Treatment of Paralysis due to Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury 2018-2020 Rochester $500,000.00
Nobuaki J. Kikyo, MD, PhD Circadian rhythm-based differentiation of iPS cells to cardiomyocytes 2018-2020 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Aaron Krych, MD The RECLAIM trial for focal cartilage repair 2018-2020 Rochester $498,000.00
Jennifer Westendorf, PhD Girk channels in cartilage development and repair 2018-2020 Rochester $250,000.00
Saranya Wyles, MD Minnesota Medical Student Guide to Proficiency in Regenerative Medicine and Surgery 2017-2018 Rochester $100,000.00
Mark Wallert, PhD Establishing an integrated undergraduate biomedical laboratory curriculum and research environment at Bemidji State University 2017-2018 Bemidji $100,000.00
Mary Owen, MD Innovators of the Future: Native Americans into Medicine 2017-2018 Duluth $80,267.00
Troy C. Lund, MD, PhD Medical Student Summer Research Program in Regenerative Medicine - Pre-T35 2017-2018 Minneapolis $70,393.00
Anna Wirta Kosobuska, DEd Innovators of the Future Youth Activity Books 2017-2018 Duluth $19,950.00
Anna Wirta Kosobuska, DEd Innovators of the Future: Youth Science Module 2017-2018 2017-2018 Duluth $7,292.00
Anna Wirta Kosobuska, PhD Community-Based Science Module, Bois Forte 2017-2018 Effie $19,950.00
Tracy Wilson SCRUBS Camp - St. Paul College 2017-2018 St. Paul $15,579.00
Karlene A.French Science from Scientists In-School Module-Based STEM Enrichment Program 2017-2018 Bloomington $19,298.00
Jilian L. Foxen Advancing Regenerative Medicine Through Educating Minnesota K-8 Educators 2017-2018 Rochester $20,000.00
James Thompson, PhD Molecular farming to reduce cost of recombinant proteins important to regenerative medicine 2017-2018 Oakdale $100,000.00
John Schorgl, BA AmnioStent - Combining nitinol scaffold with amnion tissue to create a novel airway stent technology for tracheobronchial applications 2017-2018 Minneapolis $100,000.00
Walter C. Low, PhD Production of dopamine neurons - a cellular product for treating Parkinson’s 2017-2018 Minneapolis $100,000.00
Saad Kenderian, MD Development of a chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy platform at the Mayo Clinic 2017-2018 Rochester $100,000.00
Yasuhiro Ikeda, DVM, PhD Mayo CRM-original iPSC-derived islet product in a retrievable, encapsulation device 2017-2018 Rochester $100,000.00
Leah Hogdal, PhD Mitochondrial base editing for nerve regeneration 2017-2018 Minneapolis $99,772.00
James Dutton, PhD Critical infrastructure to support new stem cell-derived treatments for patients with age-related macular degeneration in Minnesota 2017-2018 Minneapolis $100,000.00
Dan Dragomir-Daescu, PhD Controllable and automated system for synthesizing GMP magnetic nanoparticles for regenerative medicine applications 2017-2018 Rochester $98,446.00
Daniel Carlson, PhD Development of inducible immunodeficient swine 2017-2018 St Paul $100,000.00
Satsuki Yamada, MD, PhD Regenerative cardiac synchronization: a translational study 2017-2019 Rochester $250,000.00
Mark J. Osborn, PhD Natural killer cell chimeric antigen receptor therapy 2017-2019 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Rodrigo Ruano, MD, PhD Fetoscopic regenerative therapy for severe pulmonary hypoplasia - a feasibility pre-randomized controlled trial study 2017-2019 Rochester $500,000.00
Shernan G. Holtan, MD Phase I/II study of human chorionic gonadotropin and epidermal growth factor supplementation (Pregnyl) to support tolerance and repair as adjunct therapy in high-risk or refractory acute graft-versus-host disease 2017-2019 Minneapolis $497,966.00
Jop H. van Berlo, MD, PhD Identification of novel regulators of heart regeneration 2017-2019 Minneapolis $249,999.00
Michael C. McAlpine, PhD 4D printed programmable release capsules for spatial control of differentiation in 3D printed cardiac tissue 2017-2019 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Mi-Hyeon Jang, PhD Role of checkpoint kinase in myelin regeneration 2017-2019 Rochester $249,998.00
Karen Echeverri, PhD Spinal cord regeneration: translating from salamanders to enhance regenerative repair after injury in mammals 2017-2019 Minneapolis $249,820.00
Patricia Devaux, PhD Derivation of clinical grade transgene-free human iPSC using a newly developed measles reprogramming system for the treatment of diabetes. 2017-2019 Rochester $250,000.00
Sunny Chan, PhD Generation of second heart field and head muscle progenitors by modeling cardiopharyngeal mesoderm 2017-2019 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Anna Wirta Kosobuski, EdD Innovators of the Future: Community-Based Science Module, Red Lake 2016-2017 Red Lake $14,611.00
Anna Wirta Kosobuski, EdD Innovators of the Future: Community-Based Science Module, Grand Portage 2016-2017 Grand Portage $14,611.00
Anna Wirta Kosobuski, EdD Innovators of the Future: Community-Based Science Module, Bois Forte 2016-2017 Nett Lake $14,611.00
Dennis Wigle, MD, PhD Development of A Novel Adult Stem Cell-based Drug Discovery Platform at Mayo Clinic 2016-2017 Rochester $98,846.00
Henry Walker, MA Lyophilization Device 2016-2017 Rochester $69,915.00
Kent Vilendrer, MS, MBA Regenerative Medicine Bioreactor Drive System Development 2016-2017 Minnetonka $99,890.00
Zeeshan H. Syedain, PhD Bioreactor for GMP manufacturing of Tissue Engineered Vascular Graft for Pediatric Regeneration 2016-2017 Minneapolis $100,000.00
Amir A. Naqwi, PhD Airway cell and nutrient delivery device for regenerative lung tissue 2016-2017 Minneapolis $99,960.00
Saranya P. Wyles Minnesota Medical Student Guide to Proficiency in Regenerative Medicine and Surgery 2016-2017 Rochester $100,000.00
Todd A. Reinhart, ScD Saint Mary's University of Minnesota's Advancing Regenerative Medicine Program 2016-2017 Winona $99,280.00
Mary J. Owen, MD Native Americans into Medicine 2016-2017 Minneapolis $88,723.00
Mark J. Osborn, PhD Serving those who serve 2016-2017 Minneapolis $31,600.00
Troy C. Lund, MD, PhD Pilot Program in Regenerative Medicine Research for Medical Students 2016-2017 Minneapolis $76,307.00
Randy S. Daughters, PhD Minnesota Regenerative Medicine Education and Outreach Program 2016-2017 St. Paul $100,000.00
Katherine Campbell, PhD Innovative Minds Partnering to Advance Curative Therapies (IMPACT) Program 2016-2017 Rochester $100,000.00
Stephanie Zojonc, MS Girls Explore STEM 2016-2017 Mankato $20,000.00
Tracy K. Wilson, MBA SCRUBS Camp at Saint Paul College 2016-2017 St. Paul $11,264.00
Leah Meredith, MS St. Cloud State University and St. Cloud Community and Technical College Scrubs Camps 2016-2017 St. Cloud $19,998.00
Misun L. Bormann, MS HealthForce MN K-12 Outreach 2016-2017 Rochester $19,911.00
Anna Wirta Kosobuski, EdD Innovators of the Future: Youth Science Module 2016-2017 Duluth $3,962.00
Nathan P. Staff, MD, PhD A Phase IIA study using intrathecal treatment of autologous adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 2016-2018 Rochester $497,086.00
Ann M. Parr, MD, PhD Generating human neural stem and progenitor cells in a porcine model through blastocyst complementation 2016-2018 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Kimberly Holst, MD Phase I study of delivery of autologous bone marrow derived mononuclear cells to myopathic right ventricle in patients with Ebstein anomaly during surgical intervention 2016-2018 Rochester $500,000.00
Daniel J. Garry, MD, PhD Humanized vasculature in gene edited animals 2016-2018 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Brian Fife, PhD Identifying and targeting antigen specific T cells in diabetes to preserve beta cells 2016-2018 Minneapolis $250,000.00
John C. Burnett, Jr, MD Novel Cell-Free Peptide Therapeutics for Cardiac Repair and Regeneration 2016-2018 Rochester $250,000.00
Jonathan S. Marchant, PhD Addressing the source of Parkinson's disease 2016-2018 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Bruce Blazar, MD Reducing recovery time after bone marrow transplant 2016-2018 Minneapolis $250,000.00
Tami Limberg, Nick Beermann Implementing Regenerative Labs in High School 2015-2016 St. Paul
Peter Grahn Restoring function to paralyzed limbs after spinal cord injury 2015-2016 Rochester $45,000.00
Dr. Alessandro Magli, PhD Mapping diaphragm stem cell features to treat Muscular Dystrophy 2015-2016 Minneapolis $75,000.00
Nidhi Jalan-Sakrikar, PhD; Robert C. Huebert Generating cholangiocytes to study and treat liver disorders 2015-2016 Rochester $75,000.00
Saranya P. Wyles; Timothy J. Nelson Utilizing patient-specific stem cells for heart disease modeling 2015-2016 Rochester $45,000.00
Matthew Wheelwright; Joseph M. Metzger Growing resilient heart cells for therapy and drug discovery 2015-2016 Minneapolis $45,000.00
Joseph P. Voth; Walter Low, PhD Creating human neurons within pig basal ganglia 2015-2016 Minneapolis $10,000.00
Anja Cucak, Dr. Michael Kyba, PhD Creating Mouse Models for Studying Muscular Dystrophy 2015-2016 Minneapolis $10,000.00
Dr. Susan Keirstead, Ph.D. Academic & Biobusiness Alliance Internship Program 2015-2016 Minneapolis $85,000.00
Dr. Katie Campbell, Ph.D. Mayo Clinic Undergraduate Outreach IMPACT Program 2015-2016 Rochester $75,000.00
Randy S. Daughters, PhD Regenerative Medicine Education & Outreach 2015-2016 Minneapolis $115,000.00
Misun Bormann HealthForce MN Scrubs Rochester Camp 2015-2016 Rochester $10,000.00
Kim Mueller Mankato SCRUBS Camp 2015-2016 North Mankato $10,000.00
Laura Savin, Melissa Cuff, Tracy Wilson Scholarships for Scrubs Camp at St. Paul College 2015-2016 St. Paul $10,000.00
Stephanie J. Zojonc and Laura Schultz Girls Explore STEM Camp 2015-2016 Mankato $10,000.00
Dr. Atta Behfar, MD, PhD Advanced Product Incubator Capital Equipment 2015-2016 Rochester $93,780.00
Lukkana Suksanpaisan, PhD Reporter Gene Services in Support of Regenerative Medicines 2015-2016 Rochester $55,000.00
Allan B. Dietz, PhD Mill Creek Life Sciences Cell Kinetics 2015-2016 Rochester $95,600.00
Bruce Walcheck, PhD Treating cancer using the patient's immune system 2015-2017 St. Paul $500,000.00
Elizabeth W. Bradley, PhD Repair & regeneration of human cartilage damaged by osteoarthritis 2015-2017 Rochester $500,000.00
Deborah Ferrington, PhD Faster testing of treatments for age-related macular degeneration 2015-2017 Minneapolis $500,000.00
Scott L. Nyberg, MD, PhD A Second Chance for More Liver Patients 2015-2017 Rochester $500,000.00
Robert T. Tranquillo, PhD Protecting against clotting after heart bypass surgery 2015-2017 Minneapolis $491,828.00
John Brekke, DDS Equipment to Support Regenerative Medicine Researchers 2015-2016 Two Harbors $55,000.00
Dr. Brenda Ogle, PhD Investigating Cellular Therapeutics for Aneurysm 2015-2016 Minneapolis $100,000.00
Daniel F. Carlson, PhD A new lab for improved testing 2015-2016 St. Paul $100,000.00
Matt Nelson Quantifying the DNA Damage Response in Clinical Grade Pluripotent Stem Cells 2015-2016 Rochester $99,360.00
James R. Dutton, PhD Manufacturing Cell Therapies using Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells in Minnesota 2015-2016 Minneapolis $100,000.00
Troy C. Lund, MD, PhD Improving regeneration of bone marrow after transplant 2015-2017 Minneapolis $500,000.00