Pre-Clinical Development of an Organoid-Derived Exosome Product for Treatment of Osteoarthritis

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Timothy O'Brien, DVM, PhD
Sarcio Inc. | St. Paul, MN
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Sarcio Inc.
St. Paul, MN

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Our goal is to develop a therapeutic product that can arrest or reverse the progress of osteoarthritis of the knee, delay or obviate the need for total knee preplacement, alleviate the debilitating pain associated with osteoarthritis, and improve the quality of life for millions of patients suffering from this condition. Our product will consist of nano-sized vesicles called exosomes that carry regenerative and anti-inflammatory cues to promote cartilage healing and also alleviate inflammation. Exosomes will be derived from human cartilage that is produced in the lab by the formation of cartilage-containing 3-dimentional structures called organoids. Our novel technology enables us to form and grow the cartilage-containing organoids in large quantities and under conditions suitable for clinical grade exosome manufacturing and FDA approval.

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