Liquid Nitrogen-Free Cryogenic Storage System

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Ross Dunbar
| Bloomington, MN
In Process
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Grant Description

1) Build and test a customer demonstration model of the liquid nitrogen-free cryogenic storage system. This system will allow storage and transportation of biological materials down to -196° Celsius without the cross-contamination risks.  The device is intended to have low power consumption, improved ergonomics, and a reduced physical difficulties inherent with liquid nitrogen and other available alternatives. Specific measurable performance criteria as defined by a FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) criteria using six sigma methodology are established to assure optimum performance and clear criteria.

2) The second generation unit allows our team to engage end users and perform usability studies. The end user feedback cycle is the critical next step in our commercialization effort.

3) Perform the next round of biologics testing to exhibit efficacy and safety improvement parameters.

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