Innovators of the Future: Youth Science Module

Grant Project Details:

Anna Wirta Kosobuski, EdD
University of Minnesota - Duluth | Duluth, MN
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Grant Location

University of Minnesota - Duluth
1049 University Dr
Duluth, MN 55812

Grant Description

Innovators of the Future: Youth Science Program is part of a comprehensive pipeline that encourages Native Americans to pursue science, research, and regenerative medicine careers. This program provides Native American 7th-12th grade youth a 4-hr block of science and regenerative medicine classroom and hands-on lab activities during Center of American Indian and Minority Health on-campus residential summer programs at the U of MN Medical School Duluth. The program also includes science, research, and regenerative medicine outreach to Native American students in the Duluth Public Schools.

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Cell Biology activity for Youth Science Program.


Collecting cells to study begins with a simple cheek swab.

Students swabbing for cell samples


Cells are carefully stored in a tube or placed on a slide.

Cells are carefully placed on a slide.


And students can study the primary building block of life...cells.

Cells are examined under a microscope