Minnesota Regenerative Medicine Education and Outreach Program

Grant Project Details:

Randy S. Daughters, PhD
Macalaster College | St. Paul, MN
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Grant Location

Macalaster College
1600 Grand Ave 217 Olin-Rice217 Olin Rice
St. Paul, MN 55105

Grant Description

This proposal is a request for renewal of the Minnesota Regenerative Medicine Education and Outreach Program (MRMEOP) for 2016 in response to the request for proposals that address the educational mission of the RMM. Funding support during 2015 from Regenerative Medicine Minnesota (RMM) has been absolutely instrumental to the successful expansion of the program and the establishment of a network of educators, scientists, students, and community members, committed to fostering the understanding of, and training in, regenerative medicine. This proposal outlines program objectives and outcome measures for 2016 as well as the programs longer-term impact on regenerative medicine in Minnesota.