Accelerating hematopoietic cell regeneration

Grant Project Details:

Troy C. Lund, MD, PhD
University of Minnesota | Minneapolis, MN
In Process
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Grant Location

University of Minnesota
425 E River Parkway
Minneapolis, MN 55455

Grant Description

Successful bone marrow transplant is the only way to cure a number of cancers, bone marrow failure syndromes, and other serious blood disease (like sickle cell disease). Serious complications can arise after transplant in the period when the patient’s bone marrow has not yet been replaced by the donor cells and the immune system is not fully redeveloped (42 days or more). The investigator’s previous research identified a new compound in the vitamin D family (ergosterol) that potentially can accelerate engraftment of the donor cells and make transplant safer. This study examines the effect of ergosterol on blood-forming cell activity in a mouse model, determines how it works, and investigates if ergosterol can expand blood-forming cells outside the body.