Restoring vascular and neural functions in mouse models of retinal disease

Grant Project Details:

Harald Junge, PhD
University of Minnesota | Minneapolis , MN
In Process
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Grant Location

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis , MN 55455

Grant Description

Retinal vascular diseases, e.g., diabetic retinopathy, are a leading cause of blindness and place a significant burden on individual patients as well as the State of Minnesota. Diseased retinal blood vessels in retinopathies indirectly impair the proper function of nerve cells in the retina, contributing to vision loss. Here, we will use a retinopathy mouse model and a highly innovative drug candidate to restore the function of blood vessels. We will test if the restoration of the retinal blood vessels also leads to improved function of retinal nerve cells. Successful completion of the project may lead to new approaches in treating retinal or neurological diseases which are associated with vascular dysfunction.

Grant Awardee Biography

Dr. Junge