2017 Regenerative Medicine Minnesota Research Awards

The following 10 research projects were selected for Regenerative Medicine Minnesota grants from 41 applications. This year RMM focused on funding investigators at the start of their careers. These grants are effective for a two-year period starting in 2017.

Sunny Chan, PhD, University of Minnesota

Generation of Second Heart Field and Head Muscle Progenitors by Modeling Cardiopharyngeal Mesoderm

Patricia Devaux, PhD, Mayo Clinic

Derivation of Clinical Grade Transgene-free Human iPSC Using a Newly Developed Measles Reprogramming System for the Treatment of Diabetes

Karen Echeverri, PhD, University of Minnesota

Spinal Cord Regeneration: Translating from Salamanders to Enhance Regenerative Repair after Injury in Mammals

Shernan G Holtan, MD, University of Minnesota

Phase I/II Study of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin and Epidermal Growth Factor Supplementation (Pregnyl®) to Support Tolerance and Repair as Adjunct Therapy in High-Risk or Refractory Acute Graft-Versus-Host Disease

Mi-Hyeon Jang, PhD, Mayo Clinic

Role of Checkpoint Kinase in Myelin Regeneration

Michael C McAlpine, PhD, University of Minnesota

4D Printed Programmable Release Capsules for Spatial Control of Differentiation in 3D Printed Cardiac Tissue

Mark J Osborn, PhD, University of Minnesota

Natural Killer Cell Chimeric Antigen Receptor Therapy

Rodrigo Ruano, MD, PhD, Mayo Clinic

Fetoscopic Regenerative Therapy for Severe Pulmonary Hypoplasia – a feasibility pre-randomized controlled trial study

Jop H van Berlo, MD, PhD, University of Minnesota

Identification of Novel Regulators of Heart Regeneration

Satsuki Yamada, PhD, MD, Mayo Clinic

Regenerative Cardiac Synchronization: A Translational Study