Discovery Knows No Bounds

Discovery knows no bounds

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Strategies for Producing Muscle Stem Cells

Research Grant Recipient: Sunny Chan, PhD

Award Value: $250,000

Research Focus: Muscular dystrophy

From the investigator:

Muscular dystrophies are a group of chronic disorders characterized by progressive loss of muscle functions that unfortunately have no cure. Stem cell therapy emerges as a promising approach because it promotes healing by replacing diseased muscles with healthy muscles. Recently I have reported a robust teratoma method that can produce muscle stem cells at large quantities from pluripotent stem cells, allowing regeneration of healthy fibers and improvement of muscle functions. In this application, I propose a series of experiments that make use of this teratoma method to study how muscle stem cells develop and expand. My goal is to discover pathways that are fundamental to muscle stem cells development and to use this information to invent new protocols in producing repopulating muscle stem cells as therapeutics.

Sunny Chan, PhD