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Discovery knows no bounds

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Saphenous Vein Extracellular Matrix Scaffolds for Use in Coronary Artery Bypass

Research Grant Recipient: Leigh Griffiths, DVM, PhD

Award Value: $249,998

Research Focus: Coronary bypass - artery graft

From the Investigator:

Minnesota Department of Health statistics indicate that almost 100,000 Minnesotan’s are currently affected by ischemic heart disease (IHD), resulting from blockage of a coronary artery. Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery, to address the underlying cause of IHD, currently relies on harvesting a remotely located vessel (e.g., leg, arm or chest) from the patient to serve as a conduit to allow bypass of obstructed coronary vessels and restore normal heart muscle blood flow. However, vessel harvest procedures increase surgical time, and are associated with increased pain and potential complications for patients undergoing CABG procedures. This proposal aims to develop a safe and effective off-the-shelf vessel replacement material for use in CABG procedures to overcome limitations associated with current approaches.