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Discovery knows no bounds

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Regenerative vein valve

Research Grant Recipient: Robert Tranquillo, PhD

Award Value: $250,000

Research Focus: Chronic venous insufficiency

Project Summary: Millions of U.S. citizens suffer from vein valve insufficiency, often resulting in chronic leg ulcers that cause pain, immobility, and a reduced quality of life. The goal of this research is to develop tissue-engineered vein valve, an “off-the-shelf” implantable device. If successful, it will be the first prosthetic vein valve available to treat suffering from ulcers due to chronic venous insufficiency.

Dr. Tranquillo is a Distinguished McKnight Professor and Head of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Minnesota. Dr. Tranquillo's laboratory has an extensive research program developing fabricated bioartificial arteries, heart valves, vein valves, and perfusable myocardium.

Robert Tranquillo, PhD