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Discovery knows no bounds

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Regenerative Medicine for the Durable Remission of HIV

Biobusiness Grant Recipient: Maria Athanasiou, PhD
Grant Period: 2020-2021
Award Value: $100,000
Site: MarPam Pharma, LLC

Project Summary: Building on successful primate model studies, MarPam Pharma is developing a one‐time treatment for durable remission of HIV in the absence of antiretroviral medications. This treatment is a regenerative medicine therapy of autologous HIV‐specific chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)‐T cells that target B cell follicles, an immune-protected site that permits viral replication. The goals of this project are to develop infrastructure in preparation for our first‐in‐human Phase 1 study of 1) personnel to plan pre‐clinical studies and
prepare for and conduct a pre‐pre IND meeting with the FDA, and 2) equipment to manufacture gammaretrovirus under GMP, which will be used to manufacture CAR‐T cells for the Phase 1 study.