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Discovery knows no bounds

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Regenerative cardiac synchronization: a translational study

Research Grant Recipient: Satsuki Yamada, MD, PhD

Grant Period: 2017-2019

Award Value: $250,000

Site: Mayo Clinic

Summary: Heart attacks damage heart walls, compromising the pumping function of the heart. Dr. Yamada is investigating the use of patient’s own stem cells as a new therapy to help reestablish and maintain a synchronized pumping motion in the infarcted heart.

Year One Progress Report: Avoiding development of heart failure after myocardial infarction (also known as a heart attack) is a main objective of the Minnesota Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Plan. In this 2-year project funded by Regenerative Medicine Minnesota, Dr. Yamada and physician-scientists at Mayo Clinic are developing a regenerative therapy to restore cardiac function in individuals who have suffered a heart attack. Specifically, this study delivers patient’s own stem cells via a small catheter to correct disorganized wall motion within heart (named “cardiac dyssynchrony”). In Year 1 studies, stem cells were safely delivered without complications and adverse effects. At this stage of the experiments, stem cell therapy appears to prevent cardiac pumping failure after infarction. Year 2 studies will confirm efficacy using advanced cardiac imaging. Successful outcomes will provide the foundation for future regenerative medicine clinical practice in heart failure after heart attack. In addition, students from high schools, universities, and medical schools across Minnesota are trained by Dr. Yamada and colleagues, as part of the next generation of regenerative medicine professionals in the state of Minnesota.  

Satsuki Yamada, MD, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Medicine and a physician-scientist in the Division of Cardiovascular Diseases at Mayo Clinic. She also works with the Van Cleve Cardiac Regenerative Medicine Program and the Center for Regenerative Medicine at Mayo.