Discovery Knows No Bounds

Discovery knows no bounds

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Patient Education Video

Clinical Care Principal Investigator: Robert Nellis

Grant Period: 2015-2016

Site: Mayo Clinic

Regenerative medicine has the potential to help millions of people around the world who suffer from debilitating illnesses and diseases. This relatively new medical science, though, isn’t well known among the general public, and there is much misinformation surrounding the utilization of stem cells for practical healthcare purposes.

The Mayo Clinic is hoping to change that. Using grant money distributed by Regenerative Medicine Minnesota (RMM), they are currently producing a high quality video that seeks to educate visitors on regenerative medicine advances and current applications in the medical field. The video producers will interview both stem cell experts and physicians across the Mayo Clinic campuses and patients who have undergone regenerative medicine therapies. The video will be displayed in the Mayo Clinic Research Information Center in Rochester, MN.

By providing this information in a video format, viewers will be exposed to accurate findings and details on regenerative medicine, a valuable source which will compete with the misinformation easily accessible online. If more people learn about the potential that regenerative medicine has for public health, then we may see more support for such medical initiatives in the future, and those who would benefit from stem cell treatments the most would be more likely to seek them out if they were fully equipped with the facts.

In 2014, there were over 28,600 visitors in the Research Information Center, and about 107,700 since it opened in 2011. Therefore, thousands of patients and visitors will be exposed to this video every year once it is completed, and thousands more will find it on the Mayo Clinic website.

The RMM grant is helping to fund a script writer, voiceover talent, motion graphic production, music fees, travel expenses, a camera, and a production crew. These resources will be paired with the professional video producers already staffed at Mayo Clinic to create a high quality video on regenerative medicine.

Mayo Clinic has a historic record of spearheading medical initiatives that have made them one of the most renowned health care institutions in the world. The production of an educational video on regenerative medicine is a reflection of Mayo’s commitment to medical progress, and the final product will inform thousands of individuals in Minnesota about the benefits of revolutionary medical breakthroughs made possible by stem cells.