Discovery Knows No Bounds

Discovery knows no bounds

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Novel flow diverter for hemorrhage control using innovative magnetic nanotechnology

Research Grant Recipient: Dan Dragomir‐Daescu, PhD

Award Value: $249,112

Research Focus: intravacular hemorrhage control

From the investigator:

The goal of the proposed study is to use a pig model of hemorrhage to investigate the ability of our novel technologies (magnetic intravascular flow diverters and magnetically‐labeled endothelial cells) to control hemorrhage and promote long‐term patency. Aim 1 uses benchtop testing to demonstrate and quantify endothelial cell targeting and retention to our magnetic flow diverters. Aim 2 employs these flow diverters and endothelial cells in a pig model of hemorrhage, to investigate the efficacy of the flow diverters to provide immediate hemostasis, as well as the effects of rapid healing on patency outcomes 30 days after implantation. This research is significant to regenerative medicine because it is a minimally‐invasive endovascular intervention that may accelerate the body’s natural ability to heal the treated vessel and improve long‐term clinical outcomes.

Dan Dragomir-Daescu, PhD