Discovery Knows No Bounds

Discovery knows no bounds

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Novel Cell-Free Peptide Therapeutics for Cardiac Repair and Regeneration

Research Grant Recipient: John C. Burnett, Jr, MD

Grant Period: 2016-2018

Award Value: $250,000

Site: Mayo Clinic

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Project Summary:

Our goal is to establish that the use of a novel Mayo Clinic engineered peptide will serve as an innovative cell-free peptide therapeutic strategy for cardiac repair and regeneration in experimental permanent myocardial injury. Success will be defined as establishing in vitro and/or in vivo suppression of apoptosis, induction of angiogenesis and inhibition of fibrosis in the injured heart.  Success will lead to rapid acceleration to IND readiness so as to translate findings into future clinical trials and potentially patient use and commercialization.


Dr. Burnett is a Professor of Medicine and of Physiology at Mayo Clinic. He has been the Marriott Family Cardiovascular Research Professor there since 2007.