Discovery Knows No Bounds

Discovery knows no bounds

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Let's Explore STEM

Education Grant Recipient: Jason Bruns, BSED, MBA

Grant Period: 2017-2018

Award Value: $20,000

Site: Minnesota State University, Mankato

Progress Report

Project Summary:

Increase student and community awareness of STEM careers, particularly those in regenerative medicine, manufacturing, and engineering. We also want to increase the number of students from diverse populations learning about STEM careers. It is critical to foster students' enthusiasm and interest which will ultimately increase the pipeline of students entering into STEM related majors and eventually the workforce in these extremely important areas.

Photos from the June 2017 Let's Explore STEM camp show students learning about science and regenerative medicine. Students today, health professionals and scientists tomorrow!

students learning about modern medical manufacturingstudents learning about physical therapy and muscle regenerationhands-on experiments help students understand the sciencestudents merge medicine with engineering in a prosthetic-building competitionstudent proving prosthesis is function in competitionMankato State Representative Clark Johnson visited to learn more about the program