Discovery Knows No Bounds

Discovery knows no bounds

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Identifying and targeting antigen specific T cells in diabetes to preserve beta cells

Research Grant Recipient: Brian Fife, PhD

Grant Period: 2016-2018

Award Value: $250,000

Site: University of Minnesota

Read Fife’s Year 1 Progress Report here

Read Fife's Final Report

Project Summary:

The primary goals of this project are to restore immune homeostasis that allows islet beta cell survival and regeneration as a cure for Type 1 diabetes (T1D). We have generated novel tetramer reagents and will use them to track and phenotype diabetes relevant T cells in T1D patients. These reagents will also be coupled to toxins and used to selectively kill self-reactive T cells and allow pancreatic islet beta cells to survive and regenerate. 

Dr. Brian Fife is an Assistant Professor of medicine in the Division of Rheumatic and Autoimmune Disorders of the Department of Medicine at the University of Minnesota.