Discovery Knows No Bounds

Discovery knows no bounds

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Humanized vasculature in gene edited animals

Research Grant Recipient: Daniel J. Garry, MD, PhD

Grant Period: 2016-2018

Award Value: $250,000

Site: University of Minnesota

Read Garry’s Year 1 Progress Report here

Read Garry’s Final Report here

Project Summary:

The long term goal of our research proposal is to generate a human organ (vasculature) in pigs, which will serve as an unlimited source of vessels for clinical research of human vasculature in a large animal model and serve as a potential vascular source for patients with chronic cardiovascular disease. To ultimately achieve this overall goal, this application will provide foundational studies to engineer chimeric pigs to rescue a genetically modified pig that lacks vasculature.We believe that the proposed studies will revolutionize cardiovascular care and ultimately lead to a cure for cardiovascular disease and have a tremendous impact on our society.

Dr. Garry is a Professor of Medicine in the Cardiovascular Division and on the Steering Committee for the Lillehei Heart Center at the University of Minnesota.