Discovery Knows No Bounds

Discovery knows no bounds

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Development of regenerative engineered tissue embedded cardiovascular device

Biobusiness Grant Recipient: Richard Murphy, General Manager
Grant Period: 2019-2020
Award Value: $100,000
Site: Vascudyne Inc.

Project Summary: The aim of this grant proposal is to develop cardiovascular devices at Vascudyne with regenerative engineered tissue technology licensed from the University of Minnesota. Vascudyne was founded by Jeff Franco and Kem Schankereli after a successful exit from Tendyne. Tendyne was a transcatheter mitral valve company acquired by Abbott in 2015 for $400 Million. Vascudyne brings unique and minimally invasive delivery expertise alongside stent design technology for cardiovascular devices. While at the University of Minnesota, Tranquillo and Syedain have demonstrated the potential for regenerative engineered tissue technology with surgical implants in recent high‐profile publications in Science Translation (Nov 2017) and Nature Communications (Oct 2016). Vascudyne will combine the regenerative engineered tissue technology with stent technology to develop minimally invasive device designs to create innovative solutions for challenging cardiovascular diseases.

Richard Murphy