Discovery Knows No Bounds

Discovery knows no bounds

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Development of organoid‐derived chondrocyte products for articular cartilage repair

Biobusiness Grant Recipient: Timothy O'Brien, DVM, PhD
Grant Period: 2019-2020
Award Value: $100,000
Site: Superior Organoid Technologies, LLC

Project Summary: We have developed a novel technology that induces human stem cells to form cartilage. In this project we aim to take the first steps in developing a cell product manufacturing process using our newly developed technique for isolating the cartilage cells (chondrocytes) from other cells in the preparations. We will specifically examine the efficacy of our process in making pure chondrocyte products. We will then test the safety of these products in mice (make sure they do not cause tumors) and test their ability to grow into cartilage tissue when transplanted to mice. Ultimately, we wish to develop a virtually unlimited supply of human chondrocytes that can be used to repair joint cartilage that has been damaged by trauma (such as sports injuries) or by age-related wear and tear (osteoarthritis).

Timothy O'Brien, DVM, PhD