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Discovery knows no bounds

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Airway Cell Delivery with Visualization

Biobusiness Grant Recipient: Amir Naqwi, PhD
Grant Period: 2020-2021
Award Value: $100,000
Site: Abbe Vision, Inc.

Project Summary: We are proposing the development of an airway cell sprayer that would be included in the instrument channel of a bronchoscope for depositing viable cells on the airway walls. This would enable seeding the pulmonary tree of a lung scaffold with cells derived from a patient's stem cells in order to grow a lung ex‐vivo for the purpose of transplant. Unlike donor lungs, this bioengineered lung would be fully compatible with the recipient's immune system. The proposed sprayer would also be valuable for the patients needing in‐vivo delivery of therapeutic/replacement cells to damaged sites in their lungs.