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Discovery knows no bounds

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2019 Education Program Awards

Education Programs (Grades K-12):

Anne Brataas, MS, MEnS, Boreal Community Media
Planaria Pop-Up: Teaching Rural K-12 Kids Regenerative Medicine Science at 4 Minnesota County Fairs
Via booths at County Fairs, this program will reach out to rural elementary students and demonstrate the fascinating regenerative potential of planaria. Engaged booth attendees and 4H students will collaborate in the fall to create children's books on regenerative science. Eventually, this knowledge will be shared even further as a free, online, standards-based curriculum suitable for distance learning.

Jill Paule, BA, Science from Scientists
In-School Module-Based STEM Enrichment Program - Academic Year 2020
Expansion of a successful program that serves under-represented elementary or middle school students in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Scientists are paired with classrooms and visit every other week to teach hands-on STEM lessons aimed at engaging interest and improving proficiency in fields related to regenerative medicine. Grants provide services to these schools: Harvest Preparatory Charter School (Minneapolis), Bryn Mawr Elementary School (Minneapolis), Career Pathways Charter School (St. Paul), Forest Lake Elementary School (Forest Lake), Ogema Elementary School (Waubun), and Hamline Elementary School (St. Paul).

Bruce F. Horazdovsky, PhD, Mayo Clinic
Women in Science and Engineering Research to promote young scientists through community engaged STEM activities in Minnesota
This program's goal is to spark an early interest in science within the K-12 community through monthly STEM-educational events at the local Public Library and Children's Museum. These events will promote K-12 Reg Med/STEM education, awareness of STEM-career opportunities, and a healthy relationship between scientists and our community.

Elizabeth Steinborn-Gourley, MA, Minnesota State University, Mankato
Explore STEM Program: Reducing Barriers and Increasing Awareness and Interest in STEM Careers
This program hosts several Explore STEM programs including: Girls Explore STEM Day Camp (July 8-11, 2019), Explore STEM Day Camp (July 22-25, 2019), Explore Engineering Day Camp (August 5-8, 2019) and STEM and Engineering Academic Diversity Days (Fall 2019). These events use hands-on activities to engage students from diverse populations in learning about STEM-related fields, and to foster enthusiasm and awareness of STEM-related careers available in regenerative medicine, manufacturing, engineering, etc.

Mark Wehde, MS, MBA, Mayo Clinic
The Mayo Clinic Career Awareness in Regenerative Medicine, Science, and Engineering Program
This program implements a one-day career awareness program open to educators of Minnesota junior and senior high school students to provide awareness of careers in regenerative medicine and STEM. The 2019 program will focus on engineering, and specifically on how additive manufacturing (or 3D printing) is used to support tissue engineering, medical device development, and pre-surgical planning.

Anna Wirta Kosobuski, PhD, University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth
Innovators of the Future: Community-based Science Program
Continuation of successful programs providing support for science education programming in outstate elementary schools. Communities work with education professionals to select and design curriculum that will encourage students' interest in science, math, and health care careers. Grants provide services to schools of the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa (Nett Lake) and the Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa (Grand Portage). This year the program will expand by offering a Nett Lake/North Woods School Summer Program and Transition Camp.

Education Programs (Post-Secondary):

Randy S. Daughters, PhD, Macalester College
Minnesota Regenerative Medicine Education and Outreach Program (MRMEOP)
This is the renewal of a successful program that facilitates the understanding and integration of foundational concepts in regenerative medicine for underrepresented students and members of the community by expanding educational, training, and career opportunities throughout all of Minnesota. The program aims to preferentially reach underrepresented, non-traditional, and minority populations in grades 5-12, and at the undergraduate and graduate levels, through an integrated approach using research internships, education, and outreach activities.

Roslie Sterner, MD/PhD Candidate, Mayo Medical School
Graduate and Postdoctoral Training in Regenerative T Cell Immunotherapy and CART Cell Therapy
This is a new program to improve Minnesotan graduate student and post-doctoral trainee knowledge in the foundations of regenerative immunotherapy, and to interest them in careers related to regenerative immunotherapy and medicine.

Saranya P. Wyles, MD, PhD, Mayo Medical School
Building and Retaining Next-Generation Physician Workforce in Regenerative Medicine and Surgery in Minnesota: Mission to 2025
This program builds on successful student intensives that have exposed physician trainees to the current practice in regenerative medicine. In this next step, regenerative medicine principles will be longitudinally integrated across all Minnesota medical school curriculum by 2025 with the goal of training over 1000 medical students to be ready to address unmet patient needs through regenerative sciences.