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Discovery knows no bounds

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2018 Education Program Awards

Education Programs (Grades K-12):

Mauris DeSilva, PhD
ED Printing and Advanced Robotic Solutions (ED PARS)
A collaborative partnership with Science from Scientists and the Bakken Museum to develop a curriculum that uses hands-on activities to introduce students to electrical stimulation of the brain, which has potential in a variety of clinical applications to assist in diagnosis and repair of neurological conditions.

Karlene A. French, Science from Scientists
Science from Scientists In‐School Module‐Based STEM Enrichment Program
Expansion of a program that serves under-represented elementary or middle school students in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area. Scientists are paired with classrooms and visit every other week to teach hands-on STEM lessons aimed at engaging interest and improving proficiency in fields related to regenerative medicine. Grants provide services to these schools: Northeast College Prep Charter School (Minneapolis), Harvest Network Charter Schools (Minneapolis), Career Pathways Charter School (St. Paul), Ogema Elementary School (Waubun).

Melissa A. Huppert, PhD, Minnesota State Engineering Center of Excellence
Explore STEM: Reducing Barriers, Career Exploration, and Networking
This program provides three outreach STEAM events (day camp, school and career exploration) that give middle school students opportunities to explore scientific and medical career fields.

Jonathon W. Ninas, BA, Mayo Clinic
Career Awareness in Regenerative Medicine & Science for Jr. High & High School Students
This program works with educators to create career awareness in regenerative medicine and science. Educators can use this to develop curriculum and to encourage students to consider careers in regenerative medicine.

Anna Wirta Kosobuski, EdD, University of Minnesota Medical School Duluth
Innovators of the Future: Community-based Science Program
Continuation of successful programs providing support for science education programming in outstate elementary schools. Communities work with education professionals to select and design curriculum that will encourage students' interest in science, math, and health care careers. Grants provide services to schools of the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa (Nett Lake) and the Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa (Grand Portage).

Education Programs (Post-Secondary):

Randy S. Daughters, PhD, Macalester College
Minnesota Regenerative Medicine Education and Outreach Program (MRMEOP)
This is a renewal of a successful program that provides research internships and maintains statewide networks of educators, scientists, students, and community members who collaborate to create and distribute regenerative medicine curriculum.

Troy C. Lund, MD, PhD, University of Minnesota
Medical Student Summer Research Program in Regenerative Medicine - Bridge-T35
This continuing and successful program gives first-year medical students exposure to and experience in regenerative medicine laboratory research. Students will be followed to see if they pursue research during later training as a result of this program. If successful, data from this program will be used to pursue federal funding for an ongoing program.

Todd A. Reinhart, ScD, St. Mary's University of Minnesota, Winona
Advancing Regenerative Medicine
This is the second interation of a successful program that offers an intensive theoretical and practical introduction to regenerative medicine and tissue engineering for undergraduates in the sciences.

Saranya P. Wyles, MD, PhD, Mayo Medical School
Building the Next Generation Physician and Physician-Scientist Workforce in Regenerative Medicine and Surgery
This program is a continuation of a successful program that works to integrate regenerative medicine education in the medical curriculum to promote physicians-in-training to think differently using a restorative approach to healthcare and to engineer innovative solutions to address the unmet needs for patients.