2017 Biobusiness Awards

Daniel F. Carlson, PhD, Recombinetics Development of Inducible Immunodeficient Swine

Dan Dragomir-Daescu, PhD, Mayo Clinic Controllable and automated system for synthesizing GMP magnetic nanoparticles for regenerative medicine applications

James R. Dutton, PhD, University of Minnesota Critical infrastructure to support new stem cell-derived treatments for patients with age-related macular degeneration in Minnesota

Leah Hogdal, PhD, B-MoGen Biotechnologies Mitochondrial Base Editing for Nerve Regeneration

Yasuhiro Ikeda, DVM, PhD, Mayo Clinic Mayo CRM-original iPSC-derived islet product in a retrievable, encapsulation device

Saad J. Kenderian, MD, Mayo Clinic Development of a chimeric antigen receptor T cell therapy platform at the Mayo Clinic

Walter Low, PhD, University of Minnesota Production of Dopamine Neurons – A Cellular Product for Treating Parkinson’s

John Schorgl, BA, Peytant Solutions, Inc. AmnioStent™ ‐ Combining nitinol scaffold with amnion tissue to create a novel airway stent technology for tracheobronchial applications

James R. Thompson, PhD, MNPHARM SBC Molecular farming to reduce cost of recombinant proteins important to regenerative medicine