Discovery Knows No Bounds

Discovery knows no bounds

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Results are in from our State Fair poll!

The State Fair is always an exciting opportunity for us to listen to Minnesotans from across the state. This is what we heard this year from the 208 people who stopped by and gave us a minute of their time.

People are concerned about ALL of the issues below, and one we missed: kidney disease.

Cancer is the number one concern of the people who responded.

Heart disease, dementia/stroke, and diabetes were also common concerns. 

68 - Cancer (pink), 34 - Dementia/Stroke (purple), 32 - Diabetes (yellow), 17 - Eye Disease (blue), 38 - Heart Disease (red), 3 - Liver Disease (orange), 16 - Spinal Cord/Skeletal/Joint Issues (green) It was an amazing day, and we were honored to hear your personal stories—among them cancer, eye disease, heart disease (met one of the first open-heart surgery patients from the U!), dementia, and diabetes. Thank you to everyone who participated!!